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  • Company

    PT. Digital Makmur Sejahtera

  • Address

    Jl. KH Agus Salim, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Interviewee

    -David Djen
    COO PT. Digital Makmur Sejahtera

PT. Digital Makmur Sejahtera

KIOSK system “Sevelin” in 200 of 7-Eleven stores deploys Biznet GIO Cloud to improve business efficiency and speed.


Modern Sevel Indonesia(MSI) has been expanding its business of 7-Eleven, through a master franchise agreement in Indonesia since 2008. 7-Eleven is the world’s largest convenience store chain, and now there are over 200 stores in Indonesia. Digital Makmur Sejahtera, a subsidiary of MSI, develops and maintains the digital KIOSK system “Sevelin” for 7-Eleven stores. Sevelin offers a wide range of digital products including the latest concert ticket sales, gaming vouchers, airplane tickets and other various attractive products. Sevelin is a user friendly automated system for customer to purchase digital products easily and quickly. They could make payments directly at the 7-Eleven cashiers. In Indonesia, 7-Eleven stores are becoming gathering sites for younger generations to hang out, socialize and get the latest information. The company is constantly evolving Sevelin, and 2nd generation is planned to be launched in 2016.


Before adopting Biznet GIO Cloud, the company had its central system installed at co-location space in data center and operated by themselves. But they found that they are facing the following challenges: Difficulty in resource scalability IT engineers were required to visit data center to install additional servers, when existing servers are full or when there is a newly developed application that needs to be verified. Most of the time, they had to devote the whole day for this process due to heavy traffic in the city. Difficulty in hardware maintenance Due to limited IT engineer resource, the company encountered with difficulties in holding hardware maintenances. Since the company used multiple hardware vendors, vendor management became another challenge to them.

Why Using The Biznet GioCloud

In order to resolve these issues, the company started to consider looking for a cloud service. They have finally adopted Biznet GIO Cloud as the IT infrastructure for Sevelin, for following reasons: Local cloud service with reliable IT facility Biznet GIO Cloud infrastructure is housed at Techno Village that Biznet Networks manages. The facility is robust and safe, that Mr. David Djen described it as “the best in Indonesia”. The support department is located inside Techno Village, where whole Biznet service supports are handled. This allows a smoother end-to-end support for customer. In addition, customer is pleased that their system and data is stored inside Indonesia, rather than other uncertain data center oversea. Highly flexible and secure service Customer has adopted the Biznet GIO Enterprise, which provides them a dedicated VMware virtualization environment and full access to their hypervisor server through vCenter. It is highly flexible and secure service, which allows customer to freely design their system including virtual machine, firewall and network, etc.

The Result

Currently, customer subscribes to one ESXi server in Biznet GIO Enterprise. 18 VMs are provisioned which consist of database server, log server, application server, etc. Backend system located at another data center is connected to their ESXi server using IPsec tunnel. With the Biznet GIO Cloud, the company now benefits from: A whole new level of scalability The new infrastructure is much more flexible compared to the old on-premise servers. IT engineers don’t need to spare their time to visit data center, nor have to negotiate with hardware vendors anymore. They could create an instance immediately through computer by themselves when required. Improve IT engineer productivity At the very moment, their major and highly prioritized task is to develop new digital products. By using Biznet GIO Cloud, they don’t need to worry about hardware as much as before, and engineers could now genuinely spend more time on developing products. Now 300 Sevelin devices are installed in 200 of 7-Eleven stores. As 7-Eleven expects to expand its number more than thousand stores in Indonesia in the future, Biznet GIO Cloud will strive to continue supporting this rapid growth, helping Sevelin and 7-Eleven to provide highest level of service in Indonesia.  2. 1. 1st generation (At 7-Eleven store) 2. 2nd generation (To be launched in 2016) Sevelin’s integration process with Gio Cloud.