Store and protect your data on Cloud

GioStorage is Biznet GIO Cloud Computing Service that provides durable and highly scalable Cloud Storage Service. GioStorage provides various REST API (Amazon S3 compatible) to store any amount of data as needed.

Reliable storage for your important data

GioStorage provides highly reliable Cloud storage with storage redudancies that will store backup of your files across GioStorage infrastructure.

Start with minimum investment

You can use GioStorage with no minimum commitments or up-front fees. GioStorage will charge you with pay-per-usage charging method.

Maximum data size for one object is 5GB*

InterfaceREST API (Equivalent to Amazon S3)
Storage AmountUnlimited
Number of ObjectUnlimited


* For uploading over 5GB object, you need to do ‘Multi-part upload’ manually.

We use simple pricing for our GioStorage service.

Data OutboundIDR 1,400/GB/Month
Storage UsageIDR 700/GB/Month