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Secured file sharing services from Biznet GIO that enables you to access your files from anywhere and anytime. GioBox provides large capacity storage that enables customers to sync and share files in a very secured way.

Synchronize files from mobile or desktop client

GioBox enables you to sync your files from mobile or desktop client seamlessly to you GioBox instance in our Cloud.

Share Files with Anyone

Your files in GioBox can be shared with anyone. GioBox provides additional security feature by adding password and automatic expiration for all links that have been shared.

Data Protection

Your files will be encrypted in transit and will be transferred using secured https connection to our Cloud.

High Reliable

GioBox is built on top of GioCloud that provides high reliability which add another data protection layer for your files.

Get 50GB Free Storage!

For first 1000 new registration user.

Unlimited Storage

For Biznet Wifi customers.