GioBox Enterprise®

Collaborate within your enterprise with GioBox Enterprise

We use GioBox as underlying infrastructure and add enterprise capability such as : virus scanning, edit and preview, versioning, and many more.

Collaborate with your team

GioBox Enterprise allows you to collaborate for up to 5 individuals to edit .odt or .doc files securely within the browser. Documents may then be shared inside GioBox Enterprise or via a public link.

Personalized GioBox Enterprise with your company

To make the system personalized with your company, GioBox Enterprise enables you to :

  • Integrate with your LDAP/ Active directory so you can manage user access within your company centralized in your LDAP/Active directory.
  • Via GioBox Enterprise admin access, you can manage quota of your users.
  • Domain name and SSL certificate can also be configured to your company standard.

Integration with your enterprise application

GioBox Enterprise can be utilized for other application as we provide you with quick access to core functions for application development with the powerful GioBox Enterprise API and webhooks following the publication / subscription model.

Secure your company data

GioBox Enterprise will automatically scan your files before upload using anti virus to ensure all files in your system is clean from virus.


GioBox Enterprise offers an easy user interface

with search, favorites, tags and other ways to quickly get at your files.

Flexibility to grow as your data grow

GioBox Enterprise is built on top of GioCloud. Our infrastructure can grow to cater to data growth in the future

Located in secure location in Indonesia

This will benefit a lot for customers located in Indonesia. As you can ensure your sensitive data stored in data center within Indonesia region.

Flexible additional storage

External storage can be added into your GioBox Enterprise such as Dropbox, SWIFT, (S)FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OpenStack Object Storage, local hard drives, WebDAV, SMB/CIFS and more. Users will access through GioBox Enterprise but you can add your existing data from those external storage.

Pricing for GioBox Enterprise.

Package  Price per Month (IDR)
First 1 TB 10.000.000
Additional per GB storage beyond minimum subscription  2.800